Monifieth cluster - joint 2-18 community learning campus

As part of the council’s ambitious Schools for the Future Programme, we're exploring a number of options for change within the Monifieth and Sidlaw learning estates - which includes early years provision, primary and secondary schools.

We are currently seeking feedback on the level of support for working with Dundee City and Perth & Kinross councils to potentially deliver a Joint 2-18 Community Learning Campus (JCLC).

A number of drop-in sessions will take place in locations throughout Angus, Dundee and Perth & Kinross.

The events are open to all members of the community. At the sessions we will talk to you about the possibilities, present some information and provide an opportunity for you to give us feedback.

For more information on dates and times visit our Monifieth cluster consultation page.

A survey has also been developed and will be open until Friday 7 June 2019. The survey is available on Dundee City Council's website.

Survey findings and feedback gathered through the drop-in sessions will be analysed and reported back to our Children and Learning Committee after the summer.

The links below give you more information to help you complete the survey. This information will also be shared at the drop in sessions.

The Story So Far

This informal consultation activity is part of our wider Schools for the Future (SftF) Programme. You can find out more about the work we’ve done so far on these pages:

Angus Schools for the Future (January 2018)

Monifieth Options Appraisal (April and June 2018)

Report to Children and Learning Committee (January 2019)

Why consider a joint community learning campus?

Our 10 Reasons for Change set out the high-level drivers for SftF.

We are considering a range of Options for Monifieth Cluster.

This informal consultation is focusing specifically on Option 6 – working in partnership with Dundee City and Perth & Kinross councils to create a joint community learning campus to serve the South Angus area. Assessing this option first will allow us to further consider the other options we presented.

To find out more about their reasons for change visit the Dundee City Council website and the Perth and Kinross Council website.

What we know:

  • The secondary element of the JCLC would be approximately 1100 pupils from across the three councils.
  • Developing a secondary-only facility would restrict full delivery of our 10 Reasons for Change.
  • Perth & Kinross Council are only seeking accommodation for secondary pupils.
  • We will need to consider legal, financial and planning implications.
  • Any proposed changes will be considered in terms of the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010

What we don't know yet:

  • The composition of the proposed early years and primary elements of the JCLC.
  • Whether we may need  to consider the closure of existing schools. 
  • The governance arrangements of the campus.
  • Where the JCLC will be located.
  • How this will be funded.

It will take six months to undertake and report on the initial informal consultation.

If support is established it will then take:

  • A further six months to prepare options and undertake pre-consultation with communities.
  • Up to three years to obtain a suitable site, complete the design and secure consents.
  • Around one year to plan and undertake statutory consultation.
  • Up to four years to design, secure consents and build the campus.
School Planning Capacity

Current roll as at 8 April 2019


Condition as at May 2018

Suitability as at May 2018
Auchterhouse 67 33 49% B B
Birkhill 321 241 75% B B
Grange 459 351  76% B A
Liff 125 93 74% B C
Mattocks 75 65 87% B B
Murroes 116 102 88% B B
Newtyle 100 64 64% A A
Seaview 434 387 89% A A
Strathmartine 50 41 82% B B
Tealing 75 43 57% B A
Monifieth High 1060 1074 101% B C

Roll projections

This table shows the projected roll at Monifieth High School in the coming years. Two methodologies are used. The baseline figures takes into account placing requests and staying on rates. The second figure also factors in the impact of potential housing development in the area.

Year Baseline Projection Projection Including Possible Housing Development
2019 1108 1100
2020 1110 1114
2021 1075 1076
2022 1073 1076
2023 1055 1112


Monifieth High School Net Placing Requests

This table shows placing requests trend data for Monifieth High School. Please note that the 2018/19 is to date and may be subject to further change.

Year Net Placing Requests
2014/15 47
2015/16 38
2016/17 40
2017/18 37
2018/19 48

Make up of school roll

This table shows the current make-up of the school roll at Monifieth High School, based on previous school attended. This information does not distinguish between pupils living in the catchment area and those attending the school due to a placing request.

Rural schools include:

  • Auchterhouse
  • Birkhill
  • Liff
  • Mattocks
  • Murroes
  • Newtyle*

*schools with a choice of secondary based on home address

Town schools are:

  • Grange
  • Seaview
% previously attending town catchment primary schools 48.7%
% previously attending rural catchment primary schools 40.6%
% previously attended any other Angus schools 3.1%
% previously attended schools outwith Angus 7.5%

We are working with Dundee City Council to consider reinstating the option for Barnhill Primary pupils to attend either Grove Academy (Dundee) or Monifieth High School.

The ability to do this is dependent on the delivery of the Joint 2-18 Community Learning Campus in South Angus.

  • You can find more information about this and a survey on Dundee City Council's website.

The following maps show primary and secondary school catchments for Monifieth and South Angus.

We have also included the locations where further housing development may take place.

Primary catchments and potential housing development sites

MHS primary catchments and housing developments

Secondary catchment and potential housing development sites

MHS catchment and potential housing

Area under consideration for JCLC

We don't presently have a site identified for the JCLC. The following map shows the area currently under consideration:

Area under consideration for jCLC

The map below shows the approximate search area for the Joint Community Learning Campus, and is being provided to give additional information about the overall area considered as suitable for the location of the JCLC.

Monifieth map wider search area

In October 2018 we surveyed residents on the wider proposals for the Monifieth Options Appraisal.

Here are some of the key findings:

  1. 71.9% (49 of responses received were from parents/carers of children currently attending school in Angus.
  2. All schools were represented in the survey responses. The largest number of responses came from individuals with a connection to Monifieth High School (190; 28%) and Birkhill Primary School (111; 16.4%)
  3. Overall the most popular options were:
    1. Option 3: Extend Monifieth High School and Mattocks Primary School, and refurbish Grange and Liff Primary Schools (Score = 3541)
    2. Option 5: Create an all-through Community Campus, as Option 4 above, with additional community facilities (Score = 3327)
    3. Option 6: Work in partnership with Perth & Kinross and Dundee City Councils to create a joint integrated community campus, serving the South Angus area (Score = 3275)
  4. If an all-through joint campus was developed with Dundee City and Perth & Kinross Councils our respondents told us that they would like the following elements included:
    1. Nursery Facility (145; 22.6%)
    2. Primary age school (157; 24.5%)
    3. Secondary age school (304; 47.4%)
    4. Community facilities (257; 40.1%)
    5. All of the above (362; 56.5%)
  5. If an all-through campus was developed in partnership with Dundee City and Perth & Kinross Councils, and included primary and nursery provision, there was most support for including Auchterhouse (68.0%), Birkhill (70.5%) and Liff (73.0%)