Angus Integration Joint Board Members

Voting Members

  • Councillor Lois Speed, Angus Council (Chair)
  • Hugh Robertson, Non-Executive Board Member, NHS Tayside (Vice Chair)
  • Councillor Julie Bell, Angus Council
  • Councillor Bob Myles, Angus Council
  • Graeme Martin, Non-Executive Board Member, NHS Tayside
  • Emma-Jane Wells, Non-Executive Board Member, NHS Tayside

Non Voting Members

  • Gail Smith, Interim Chief Officer
  • Alexander Berry, Chief Finance Officer
  • Kathryn Lindsay, Chief Social Work Officer
  • Charlie Sinclair, Associate Nurse Director, NHS Tayside
  • Dr Alison Clement, Clinical Director
  • Dr Elaine Henry, Consultant – Acute and Elderly Medicine
  • Dr Richard Humble - Primary Care GP Representative
  • Peter Burke, Carers Representative
  • Gary Malone, Third Sector Representative
  • Ivan Cornford, Independent Sector Representative
  • Andrew Jack, Service User Representative
  • Chris Boyle, Staff Representative – Local Authority
  • Barbara Tucker, Staff Representative – Health

Operational Advisers

  • George Bowie, Head of Community Health & Care Services - South
  • Jillian Galloway, Interim Head of Community Health and Care Service, South
  • Bill Troup, Head of Mental Health Services
  • David Thompson, Manager, Angus Council
  • Dr Drew Walker, Director of Public Health, NHS Tayside
  • David Coulson, Associate Director of Pharmacy
  • Dr Jane Bruce, Associate Medical Director, Primary Care

Code of conduct for members of Angus Integration Joint Board.