Support for unpaid carers



Our vision is that all carers of all ages are:

  • recognised and valued as equal partners
  • fully involved in shaping services in Angus
  • supported to have fulfilling lives alongside caring

Unpaid carers make an extraordinary contribution to communities in Angus. We are committed to valuing their contribution and recognising the impact that a caring role can have on a carer’s own health and wellbeing.

Whatever your age, if you provide support to a vulnerable friend or relative as an unpaid carer there is support available to you. If you think you might be a carer you can find out more in the Find out if you are a carer section below.

The local strategy for unpaid carers in Angus is Carers in Partnership.

We are working with our key partner Angus Carers Centre, local unpaid carers and other third sector organisations in Angus to achieve our priorities.

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