Becoming a foster carer

How we will assess you

As part of the assessment we will give you information to prepare you for the complex task of fostering, and to help you decide if fostering is for you and your family.

We will not proceed with an assessment if information or serious concerns arise that cannot be resolved.

The assessment involves both you and all members of your immediate family. You will be expected to demonstrate, or have the potential to develop, the following skills:

  • ability to communicate with children, their families and professionals
  • an awareness of child development, and the particular needs of looked after children
  • a willingness to work towards the social work plan for the child, including facilitation of contact and working with families
  • flexibility
  • the ability to keep accurate records
  • a willingness to attend meeting, support groups and training sessions
  • an understanding of anti-discriminatory practice

A social worker will visit you at home to assess both you and your family’s suitability to foster

You will look at  the skills and experience you already have as well as areas that may need further development and support.

It is important that you chat with your children at an early stage, and check out how they feel about being part of a family that fosters. We will also discuss your application with your children.

Following these discussions you may decide to put an application on hold for a couple of years or consider the age and gender of any child you foster.

Once the home study report is completed it will be presented to the fostering panel.

You will see the report and have the opportunity to comment on it before it is submitted to the panel. A final decision will then be made by the council.