Becoming a foster carer

Support, guidance and advice

Once you have been accepted as a carer, you will have a written agreement with us setting out the terms of your approval and the role and responsibilities of both you as a foster carer as well as ourselves as the fostering agency.

This agreement will detail the number, age and sex of the children and young people that may be placed with you as well as the likely duration of any placements.

These agreements will be subject to regular review.

Before you are accepted as a carer you will receive initial preparation and training as part of the assessment process.

Once you have been accepted as a carer you will have access to our training calendar.

You will then be expected to take part in ongoing training and support groups to develop both your knowledge and skills in your role as a carer. Experienced carers play an important role on the ongoing training and support of other foster carers.

As a foster carer you will have a named link worker, who is an experienced social worker who will support you and your family in the care and support of children who are placed with your family.

Any child in your care will have their own social worker. This person will be responsible for the care plan for that child.

The social worker will meet regularly with both you and the child. It is a legal requirement that the child and the carer are visited by the social worker. The visits will include at least one unannounced visit each year.