Why foster with us?

We place Angus Council children with our carers first. We have children needing placements from birth to 18 years. As a local foster carer for Angus Council, you will benefit from:

  • 24 hour support, you can phone us whenever you need to and speak to our friendly team members. Your own fostering social worker will also contact you regularly to give support and guidance
  • extensive training and development - varied and tailored training courses to meet your needs both pre and post approval
  • the best fostering match for you and your family. We make sure the individual needs of the children and young people looking for homes are a good fit with your skills, personal situation and experience
  • competitive pay. Your work as a foster carer is complex so we pay fees to reflect this, as well as allowances to cover care and leisure costs. This means you can focus your time and skills on caring without worrying about money. In some areas we also pay a retaining fee
  • a 16 week paid retainer if you are between placements
  • 14 days paid respite (holidays) per year. Being a foster carer can be exhausting, so we give you regular, paid breaks
  • becoming part of the Council’s team of around 70 carers
  • we run events and groups where you can get together with other foster carers, learn from and support each other
  • support for all your family, including your own children 
  • a fulfilling career where you get a chance to make a real difference to young people’s lives
  • Clear application process. We’ll go through our application process with you step by step. If you have any questions you can ask our experts on a one-to-one basis