Adult Protection Resource Library

This page provides some interesting information about adult support and protection and will be kept updated with new documents and links.


Enquiries and reports


Source of information

Sharon Greenop - South Ayrshire (2019)

South Ayrshire Independent Case Review (CSR) Report

Child R - East Lothian & Midlothian (2019)

East Lothian and Midlothian Public Protection Committee Significant Case Review

Judy Benn - Cumbria - August 2018

A Cumbria Partnership - Safeguarding Adults at Risk

Ruth Mitchell - Plymouth - August 2018

Plymouth Safeguarding Adults Board - Safeguarding Adult Review

Miss A - North Lanarkshire Significant case review (May 2016)


Mrs Ash - Glasgow Significant case review (March 2017)

Glasgow Adult Protection Committee case review

Local multi-agency protocols

Reports for good practice guidance

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