Arbroath (Brothock Water) Flood Protection Scheme

Scheme proposals

The Arbroath Flood Protection Scheme has been developed to protect the town from flooding. The scheme is based on the concept of controlling the volume of flood water entering the Brothock during extreme flood conditions.

The key elements of the work are:

  • The construction of three flood storage areas at Brothock Meadows, St Vigeans and Hercules Den, using embankments and flow controls to retain flood water above the natural ground level. Water will only be stored in these flood areas during a flood event, with the purpose of controlling the flow/volume of water entering the Brothock in Arbroath. This will avoid the water breaching the banks.
  • Enhanced defences including a combination of new flood walls where there are no flood defences, or where existing defences are in poor condition, local raising of existing walls and some minor remedial works to existing walls.