Arbroath (Brothock Water) Flood Protection Scheme

Environmental benefits

As well as providing flood protection, the scheme has a number of additional environmental benefits:

  • the Brothock Water is known to flood and is included in SEPA’s flood map
  • there is rich vegetation/scrub and rough grassland along the Brothock Water that may provide suitable habitat for a range of species that could include European Protected Species
  • Brothock Water passes through two conservation areas, Arbroath Abbey to Harbour Area and St Vigeans
  • there are a number of residential properties adjacent to the Brothock Water within the study area
  • there are a number of scheduled monuments close to the proposed storage areas, namely St Vigeans symbol stones and Templeton, ring ditch and crop marks
  • there is likely to be impacts on agricultural land
  • there is likely to be a variety of bird species present in the area and the existing habitats may be suitable during the breeding bird season
  • there are a number of listed buildings within the vicinity of the proposed works
  • pedestrians will experience various viewpoints of the river provided by foot and road bridges