Parking charges and exemptions

It costs £1 an hour to park in our off-street car parks in Angus up to a maximum of £4 for four to nine hours.

Charges apply Monday to Saturday between 8.30am and 5.30pm, except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Blue Badge holders and motorcycles are free to park. 

Electric vehicles are free to park only while charging. If not charging, or when charging is complete, EV vehicles must be parked in a pay and display parking bay and the appropriate fee paid.

Short stay car parks remain limited to two hours with a maximum of £2.

Cashless payment is available at all of our 33 off-street car parks. Drivers do not need to key in their registration numbers to any of our parking meters.

In addition, coin-operated parking meters are available at the following car parks:

  • Arbroath
    • Ladybridge St
    • Millgate – North Grimsby
    • West Abbey Street 
    • Shore
  • Brechin
    • Church Street
    • Maisondieu Lane West.
  • Carnoustie
    • High Street
    • Links Avenue.
  • Forfar
    • Myre
    • East Greens
  • Kirriemuir
    • Bellies Brae
    • Reform Street
  • Montrose
    • Baltic Street
    • Murray Lane

You can also buy a ticket online via our pay to park web pagePlease note there is a 20p charge for online payments.


A parking permit is transferable among up to three vehicles and allows for parking in any Angus car park. They offer parking at an equivalent of 85 pence per day, based on six days a week parking.

See the parking permits page for more information.

On street parking

There is no charge for on-street parking in Angus. Rules governing on-street parking have not changed. 30-minute restricted parking will remain in areas where it is currently enforced.

We have received isolated reports of credit/debit card payments being declined at our off-street car parking meters.

This is not an issue with the meters.

It appears that banks are on occasion blocking payments by card.

This can happen even if you have been using your card successfully at our meters or in shops.

We understand this has occurred in other parts of the UK. Here is what to do if this happens to you.

What to do if your credit/debit card is declined

Having your card declined is always a possibility.

Even if you make all your payments on time and keep your credit card in good standing, you don't know what's happening on the credit card issuer's end.

Financial institutions may simply be trying to protect you by declining the card.

If your card is declined, the easiest thing to do is complete your transaction with another payment method— using your smart phone, online at Angus Pay to Park or with a another credit/debit card.

Possible reasons for a card being declined:

  • Your account has been flagged for fraud: Credit/debit card issuers are constantly monitoring your credit card transactions to be sure they fit the pattern of your typical purchases. Anything outside your normal spending habits could be flagged as fraud and cause your credit card to be declined.
  • Your bank was suspicious of the transaction: Most banks reserve the right to decline any transaction they deem to be out of character with your normal spending or withdrawal habits. In most cases this can be cleared up with a quick call to the bank, but we realise that this could cause some embarrassment. Some banks have security features in place and can be extra cautious and block authentic transactions.

What you can do

  • You can make payment via alternative method via Angus Pay to Park or with a another credit/debit card
  • You can give your credit/debit card issuer a call. They’ll be able to tell you the exact reason your credit card declined. In some cases, like suspected fraud, for example, your credit card issuer can fix the issue so your transaction can process normally.
  • You can find an alternative free parking place. While this is not ideal, this does avoid the risk of a penalty charge notice being issued if you are unable to pay and display a valid ticket. Please be aware that a credit card being declined by the customer’s bank is not a valid ground for appeal.

If you still think there’s a technical issue with our meters, you can report it using our general enquiry form, and we will investigate.