Winter gritting and snow clearing

Priority routes

We maintain over 1100 miles of roads and pavements. In a typical winter we spend over £2.3m dealing with winter weather conditions to keep traffic moving safely.

To ensure that our salt stocks are used effectively, we prioritise our roads network into three categories:

Category 1
These routes carry most traffic so are treated before all other routes. During prolonged periods of snow, category 1 routes will be kept open or opened up before other routes.

Category 2
These are routes that, although carrying less traffic than those in category 1, have been identified as being particularly prone to icing. They are generally glen or high-level routes.

Category 3
These routes are only treated after category 1 and 2 routes. During prolonged snow conditions, they are only dealt with after category 1 and 2 routes have been cleared.

A90 and A92

The A90 and A92 (Dundee boundary to Arbroath boundary) in Angus are given 24 hour cover by BEAR Scotland Ltd. The A90 is a Transport Scotland trunk road and the A92 is owned by the council 


The treatment of pavements and footpaths is categorised in a similar way, with priority given to those in towns and larger villages.

We only treat routes which are on the on the council’s list of public roads.

For more information view our maps showing details of routes and categories. 


A dedicated path to the main entrance of the school will be cleared and gritted at regular intervals. Other paths will be attempted dependent upon the resources and time available. Playgrounds and car parking areas are not treated as a priority in these exceptional circumstances.