Winter gritting hours of cover

The hours of cover show the period when treatment of routes may take place. 

However there is not continuous and complete cover during these times as a limited number of vehicles cannot be everywhere at the same time and vehicles have to refill with salt and fuel. It is important not to assume that roads are free of snow and ice.

Salt takes some time to act and is helped by traffic on the road, but at very low temperature (-5°C and below) it is less effective. Please take this into account when travelling and always drive in accordance with the conditions.

The table shows the earliest start times and the latest finish times. Treatment at specific locations will depend on vehicle journey times. The frequency of continuation of treatment during these times will be determined by weather conditions.

View our interactive map to find out more about our roads winter gritting routes and categories.

Hours of cover 29 October 2018 – 30 March 2019

Day Category 1 roads Category 2 roads Category 1 pavements and footpaths Category 3 roads, pavements and footpaths
Monday - Friday 5am - 11pm  6am - 4pm 6am - 3pm 7.30am - 3pm 
Saturday 5am - 11pm  5am - 8am 6am - 3pm nil
Sunday 5am - 11pm  5am - 8am 8am - 3pm nil
Public holidays* 5am - 11pm  5am - 8am nil nil

* public holidays: 25 -26 December 2018 and 1 - 2 January 2019