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Change your life and a child's life - grow your family through adoption

People decide to adopt for many reasons. It could be they’ve had fertility issues, some were adopted themselves or it could be a single person or same-sex couple who want to have a family.

Whatever the reason, it isn’t a decision to take lightly. It needs very serious thought and preparation for you as an individual, a couple and with your wider family.

"Our adoptive son is absolutely perfect for us. He’s crazy, he’s fun, he’s emotional, has his lazy, cozy side, is cuddly. He’s everything.

“We found it really rewarding ad we’ve loved every minute of it since it’s happened. He’s completed our family.”

Wendy and Kev, adoptive parents

The children

Sometimes parents are unable to cope, and sadly on occasions children can’t remain in their parent’s care. That child needs the chance to grow up as part of a family, to feel safe and secure, with the stability they need to thrive.

Adopting with us means adopting with support

Our experienced staff will guide and support you through each stage of the process and that help continues after you’ve adopted. There’s also a local support group you can meet and keep in touch with to share for practical advice, friendship and support.

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