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Gavias Blockbuider The adoption process

The adoption process can be split into four parts:

The preparation group

All prospective adopters are required to attend the preparation to adopt course, which takes place over one evening and three full days and is designed to provide you with the information needed for adoptive parenting. We aim to run three preparation courses per year and offer prospective adopters the opportunity to join the next available course. 

The home study

Following completion of the preparation course and if it is agreed that you should proceed, prospective adopters will be allocated a social worker who will undertake the assessment of your suitability to adopt.

The assessment explores issues such as family background, relationships, motivation to adopt, experience of children, your support network, as well as the needs of children requiring adoption and consideration of what you feel you could offer an adopted child.

As part of the assessment you will be expected to have a medical examination which will be carried out by your GP. This is to ensure that any relevant medical factors can be considered.

You will also be required to undertake a number of checks and references including police (PVG), local authority checks and employment. We ask you to provide at least three references, who know you well and are willing to support your application. Referees will be asked to provide a written reference and some will be asked to meet with your social worker.

For applicants with birth children we also require a written reference from your child’s nursery or school. We will also seek information on your current financial situation to ensure that you have the necessary financial means to provide for any child placed.

During the assessment, you will be invited to attend four additional evening information sessions to enhance your learning and understanding of adoption. We aim to present your case to panel within six months of accepting your application. We will discuss any potential delays with you. 

The panel

Your completed assessment report will be presented to Angus Council’s Adoption and Permanence Panel, which you, along with your worker will be invited to attend. The Panel will make a recommendation about your suitability to be an adoptive parent and the Agency Decision Maker will make the decision regarding your approval within 14 days of the panel meeting. Should Angus Council not approve you, there is a right of appeal. 

Matching you with a child

Once approved, we will talk to you about the children who are waiting for an adoptive family. Your social worker will discuss with you the process for matching and legally securing adoption as it relates to the child you are considering

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