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Transfer to us

If you are an approved foster carer with another agency and would like to discuss transferring to Angus Council, please contact us using our enquiry form:

Fostering and adoption enquiry form

As a foster carer, you have the right to apply to and transfer to another agency.

After an initial discussion, we will visit you at home to learn about your motivation and find out if you have any health issues or any previous allegations or complaints. We will also want to discuss the care plans of any children placed, the views of the children in placement and the view of the current fostering provider.

If there is an agreement to process the transfer, you need to notify your current agency of your intent to move and a meeting (practice planning protocol meeting) will take place within four weeks. We will then agree on the transfer process.

What about your existing placements?

If you have a child in placement the transfer protocol will ensure their care plan is met throughout the transfer process. If the child, their parents and their social worker is in agreement, the child can remain in placement.

Why would you transfer to us?

We have a skills level based scheme with three levels. The skills and experience you have developed with your current agency will be taken into account during the transfer process.