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Unaccompanied asylum seekers

Could you offer a young unaccompanied asylum seeker a safe and supportive a place to live where they can begin to learn the skills they need for adult life?

We are looking for people (can be married, single or in a partnership from all ethnic groups and cultures) who:

  • have a spare room available (and permission from your housing provider if living in rented accommodation)
  • can provide approximately 20-25 hours of support per week
  • have relevant experience or skills in caring for young people (although not essential).

The majority of the young people arriving as asylum seekers are 16 or 17 years old, who may have travelled for many months before arriving in the UK. They may have experienced difficult and traumatic living circumstances including time in refugee camps, separation from their families, being victims of human trafficking, physical and sexual abuse and their basic needs generally not being met. Many of them also face uncertainty about their future life in the UK whilst their immigration status and right to remain are determined.

These young people need safe and supportive environments that living in supported lodgings can bring to help them prepare to lead independent lives. 

What it means

Young people will live with their supported lodgings provider until they are able to move on to independent living, which can be between six and 18 months.

Being approved as a supported lodgings provider will involve an assessment which includes safer caring checks. Once approved you will have the opportunity to attend relevant training and be allocated a social worker who will provide advice and guidance. We’ll pay a weekly fee to supported lodgings providers to assist with day to day living costs whilst the young person will receive financial support themselves.

Ready to find out more?

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