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What is adoption?

Adoption means making a positive difference to a child’s life and providing a happy, loving and stable home for a child to grow and thrive in.

Adoption is the legal process by which a child becomes a full and permanent member of a new family. All parental rights and responsibilities are transferred to the adoptive parent(s).

Adoption is a lifelong commitment, which requires very serious thought and preparation. It is important for applicants to consider the impact adoption will have on them as individuals, as a couple, as well as on their immediate and extended family.  

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The children

Angus Council provides a range of services and resources to support parents to look after their children. While our goal is to help families stay together, there are times when children and young people cannot live in their own home.

Sometimes parents feel unable to cope, sometimes children are neglected or abused and cannot remain in their parent’s care. Once it is established that a child cannot remain with their birth family plans will be made to achieve the best permanent alternative placement. The aim is to give the child the chance to grow up feeling safe and secure as part of a family. For young children, an adoptive placement is most likely to provide the long term stability they need.

A legal process must be followed to get the agreement of the courts that the child cannot remain with their birth family and should be placed with adopters. Adoption is seen as the best option for a much wider range of children than in the past.

The number of babies available to be adopted is quite small. Children placed for adoption now tend to be older and include many who are primary school age. These children may have complex needs as a result of the lifestyle and health histories of their birth parents.

Wherever possible we try to keep brothers and sisters together. When this is not possible we look for families that will help to maintain and promote their contact with brothers and sisters placed elsewhere.