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Community clean up and flytipping prevention funding

The Community Clean Up and Flytipping Prevention Fund helps individuals, groups, landowners or charities carry out clean-up events or projects that will benefit their local community.

It also aims to support measures to prevent flytipping.

Awards can be used for:

  • buying tools to assist with regular clean-ups such as litter pickers or hi-vis vests
  • hire of equipment such as power washers
  • training by outside bodies for activities such as graffiti removal
  • anti-flytipping measures such as physical barriers, local campaigns, signage, or use of camera equipment/trail cameras

This list is not exhaustive and other projects that clean up litter or prevent flytipping in Angus may be considered. Contact to discuss an idea before applying.

Funds cannot be used for:

  • waste disposal costs such as skip hire
  • projects that have already taken place - new elements of an existing project can be considered
  • any item bought before the signed grant award letter acceptance is returned to us

£5000 will be allocated to the fund each financial year by the council. It is expected that awards will be between £50 and £500, although higher sums may be awarded in exceptional circumstances. If you would like to apply for more than £500 contact to discuss.

Awards should be spent within six months and an end of project monitoring form be submitted when the project is finished.

Part funding

Funding can be provided to support part of a project. You must detail the specific elements that the community clean up fund will support and how other elements of the project will be paid for such as match funding. It is expected that the group or individual will contribute where possible for example through time, transport or material.

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