Report an abandoned vehicle

We investigate and deal with vehicles such as cars, caravans and vans abandoned in Angus.

Checking a vehicle's tax status

If a vehicle has been taxed and appears in good condition, don't report it as abandoned unless it has been in the same place for a considerable length of time.

You can check the GOV.UK website to see if a vehicle has been taxed. You'll need the registration number (number plate) of the vehicle.

Check if a vehicle is taxed on GOV.UK

If the vehicle is not taxed, or has a SORN but appears to be being used or kept on the road, you can report this through the GOV.UK website.

Reporting an abandoned vehicle

We will only deem a vehicle to be abandoned if it meets certain criteria.

Indicators that a vehicle has been abandoned are where the vehicle:

  • is in a poor state of repair
  • has not moved for a considerable length of time
  • is being vandalised
  • is not taxed or has a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) declaration

Use our form to report a vehicle you believe has been abandoned.  

Include the vehicle make, model, colour, registration number and location. For vehicles such as caravans and trailers a description of the vehicle would be helpful.

Report an abandoned vehicle