Burial charges


Lair charges (VAT exempt)

Lair charges charge
Coffin lair - per lair £678.10
Coffin lair (non-Angus resident) - per lair £1356
Cremated remains lair - per lair £385.80
Cremated remains lair (non-Angus resident) - per lair £771.40
Cremated remains lair for non-viable foetus / stillborn child no charge
Lair certificate - per lair £57.70
Replacement lair certificate - per lair £57.70
Transfer of burial rights - per lair £57.70

A perpetuity fee will apply – this is a one-off charge to cover maintenance and upkeep of a lair. The fee will be applied as follows:

  • sale of lairs - at time of purchase.
  • pre-purchased lairs - at time of opening ground for first interment after this date.

Non-Angus resident charges will NOT apply where:

  • the deceased lived in Angus for the majority of their life or
  • the deceased was resident in Angus and moved out of the area for care or medical reasons within their final five years.

You can purchase up to three lairs in one of our burial grounds at any time.

For further information please contact our burial grounds administration team using our  enquiry form.