Register a stillbirth

You must register a stillbirth within 21 days at any registration office in Scotland.

Please note our registrars offices operate by appointment only. 

To make an appointment to register a stillbirth call our contact centre on 03452 777 778 and leave your details.

A member of registration staff will get back to you to arrange a suitable appointment to register the stillbirth remotely.

If necessary we can schedule an in-person appointment.

At your appointment

Please have the following items to hand:

  • the certificate of stillbirth
  • if you are married, your marriage certificate

After the stillbirth has been registered, you will receive:

  • a certificate of registration of stillbirth which has to be given to the undertaker

An extract of the entry into the register is available free of charge. Further extracts can be purchased as a cost of £10, within a month of registration.

After one month, but still within the year of registration, the cost will be £15 for the first extract then £10 for each subsequent extract.

You can find more information on registering a stillbirth on the National Records of Scotland website.