Legionella in reopening businesses

Legionnaires’ disease can be contracted by breathing in small droplets of water suspended in the air which contain Legionella bacteria. Symptoms include fever, a non-productive cough and pneumonia.

Review water systems to ensure they are safe for employees and customers. This should be undertaken as part of a thorough risk assessment. Consider all water systems, for example:

  • taps
  • hoses
  • showers
  • cooling towers
  • evaporative condensers
  • air conditioning units
  • hot tubs

This includes water systems at:

  • shops
  • hairdressers
  • offices
  • hotels
  • gyms
  • sports clubs
  • golf clubs
  • hotels
  • pubs
  • clubs
  • restaurants
  • voluntary-run premises
  • caravan sites
  • and anywhere that has a water supply that has been out of use

To minimise the risk follow the latest advice from the Health and Safety Executive.