Policy on speculative supplier contact and contact officer information

We don't publish contact details of officers, other than senior officers, on a speculative basis. If you wish to provide details of your firm and the services it offers, email procurement@angus.gov.uk.

We may circulate your details. We’ll let you know if we’ve done so. This is, however, an informal arrangement. We reserve the right not to respond to circulars or offers which are already addressed by approved contracts / supply arrangements.

We will select the most appropriate Council Services (if any) to circulate your information to. However, we don’t make any representations to you about any contract opportunities which you might expect to be generated as a result.

We operate a devolved procurement structure: individual services choose how they respond to marketing inquiries and/or engage with prospective suppliers.

See Become an Angus Council supplier for more information about supplying to Angus Council.