Counterfeit goods

Counterfeit goods are illegal copies of well-known brand name products.

Stopping their sale protects genuine manufactures, retailers and consumers. Many counterfeit goods are of poor quality and are unsafe.

Among the most common products to be counterfeited are:

  • branded clothing, jewellery and watches
  • luxury goods such as handbags
  • computer software
  • music and films on DVD or other electronic means
  • car parts
  • food and medicines
  • perfumes
  • batteries
  • pens
  • disposable razors

Report the sale of counterfeit goods

If you think you have been sold counterfeit goods, or if you suspect somebody is selling fake goods, visit the Trading Standards Institute or the Citizens Advice website for advice.

For live incidents contact trading standards on ACCESSLine 03452 777 778.

Trading standards can also offer advice and take action to stop the sale of these goods