Our bright futures


Governance/Oversight of Our Bright Futures Report

Poverty is a cross cutting theme throughout all our partnership activity in Angus. The Angus Community Plan is the overarching strategy to guide community planning partners towards the vision, Angus is a great place to live, work and visit for our communities. Due to the changes from Covid-19 and the move towards Community Wealth Building the Community Planning Partnership are currently refreshing the Community Plan including priorities with eradicating poverty at the heart of all activity.

Community Wealth Building is at the heart of the new approach across Angus in response to the growing challenges of austerity and automation. It seeks to provide resilience where there is risk and local economic security around the following five key principles:

  • Plural ownership of the economy.

  • Making financial power work for local places.

  • Fair employment and just labour markets.

  • Progressive procurement of goods and services.

  • Socially productive use of land and property.

The Promise Plan 2021-24 is responsible for driving the change demanded by the findings of the Independent Care Review. The Plan 21-24 covers five priority areas and key milestones. In response to the plan the Integrated Children’s Services Group launched  the Angus Promise Plan  - Getting it Right for Care Experienced Children, Young People, and their Families 2021-24. Whilst The Promise requires whole system change, the Angus Promise Plan focuses on the specific needs of children, young people and families who are on the edges of the care system, in the system or have moved on to independence. We are working across the Angus Community Planning Partnership so that the Promise underpins whole service planning and delivery.

The Tayside Regional Improvement Collaborative (TRIC) is led by the Councils of Angus, Dundee City and Perth and Kinross, along with NHS Tayside to work closely with Community Planning Partnerships to deliver on the priorities in The Tayside Plan for Children, Young People and Families.  

As part of the TRIC work a Tayside Child Healthy Weight Strategy has been developed identifying five key ambitions called ‘Helping Tayside's Children & Young People to Feel Great and Ready to Learn’.  This will:

  • Increase the proportion of children & young people who achieve a healthy weight by narrowing the poverty related inequality in childhood obesity rates.
  • Enable children and young people to flourish by putting their health & wellbeing at centre stage.
  • Make it easier for children & young people to eat and drink well, play and be physically active in the communities in which they grow up.

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