Become an Angus Council supplier

We procure most supplies, services and works by:

  • using Central Purchasing Body (CPB) contracts

There are however separate processes for:

  • roads infrastructure
  • building construction

If you are new to public sector procurement the Scottish Government have produced a helpful guide called The Supplier Journey.

You can also visit the Supplier Development Programme website for advice, information, training and events.

Further help for local suppliers is available from Invest in Angus.

Roads infrastructure

We maintain an approved list of suppliers for roads infrastructure-related contracts, including construction and maintenance, up to a value of £2,000,000. These lists are maintained in the following Lots:

• Lot 1 - Civil Engineering General

• Lot 2 – Bridges and Roads Structures

• Lot 3 – Coastal and Marine

• Lot 4 – Flood and Drainage

• Lot 5 – Roads Construction

• Lot 6 – Roads Maintenance

Procurement is not exclusive to the above lists. This is dependent on a number of factors associated with the required works. The lists are reviewed annually and invitations for applications are advertised on Public Contracts Scotland. For more information email

Building construction

Our Assets Service doesn’t maintain formal approved/standing lists as such but makes use of a national pre-approval service Constructionline on a similar basis for contracts of a value up to £2m and for related consultancy services which it considers necessary to issue tenders for, up to a value of £50,000.

If you wish to be considered for construction and/or maintenance works of for related consultancy services up to those values, please apply by email with your pre-qualification service information, to

If you are a member of Constructionline please provide your registration number. If you are registered with an equivalent pre-qualification service please give us details.

Once Constructionline (or equivalent) has been consulted and health and safety checks have been carried out, suitable contractors will be available for selection to receive tender documents. Please note that the Assets Service does not maintain specific standing lists for various individual types of works.

Although contractors may be available for selection, we do not guarantee inclusion on any tender lists. We also reserve the right to advertise and seek expressions of interest and/or tenders from parties for specific contract opportunities where it judges that it is in our interests to do so.

We are committed to improving the health and safety of persons working on or affected by construction works carried out on land or properties owned or run by us.

Central Purchasing bodies (CPBs)

The principal CPBs we use are:

Tayside Procurement Consortium has produced a short guide for suppliers Selling to the Tayside Councils.