Angus Community Councillors' Information Handbook



The purpose of this handbook is to provide you with some of the essential background information that you will need to operate effectively as a Community Councillor in Angus. It summarises the most relevant points included in the Angus Council Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils and Policy Statements. It is expected however, that you familiarise yourself with these key documents more fully over time. The handbook is split into three sections:

  • general information in relation to a community council’s role in working with its community and in partnership with other organisations
  • more specific information in relation to your role as a community councillor and the operating arrangements for your community council;
  • guidelines for financial conduct within your community council 
  • finally there are details of useful contacts and further information 

If you require assistance with a matter which is not covered in this handbook, please get in touch with us. The handbook will be updated periodically.