About Angus Council

Angus is a place where a first class quality of life can be enjoyed by all - this is the vision that the council has for the county.

While we can’t make this happen on our own we can, by working with other organisations and communities, create the more integrated, responsive and sustainable services that will help us achieve it.

Our role

Traditionally councils have been the direct and often sole provider of a very broad range of services – we can no longer do that.

In the coming years we will be working more effectively with our partners to target resources on the areas of greatest need. We will be focusing on specific priorities and working to achieve specific results.

When planning services we will consider how they are provided and who can offer the best value – that may or may not be the council.

The council will continue to have a key role in determining priorities and policy. We will continue to lead and co-ordinate partnership working; we will commission services; and we will continue to support and enable communities.

All of this will be done with a much clearer focus on outcomes, quality and sustainability.

In fulfilling this more focused role we will:

  • do what we say and do it well
  • value the contribution of others
  • be open to the changes which will lead to improvement
  • demonstrate fairness and equality in everything we do

Our values

The following values underpin all of our work:

  • ambition and continuous improvement
  • honesty and integrity
  • trust and respect
  • responsibility and accountability

For more information view the council plan for 2017-2022.