About Angus Council

Angus is a great place to live, work and visit - this is the vision that the council has for the county.

We cannot make this happen on our own, but we can, by working with other organisations and communities, create the more integrated, responsive and sustainable services necessary to help us achieve this.

Our role

Faced with reducing budgets and increasing demand, Councils can no longer be the lone provider of a very broad range of services. We challenge the “why” of what we do rather than the “what” and the “how” of our service delivery. This means we can focus on what is important to us and our customers and ensures we are driven to meet our true purpose as a public service.

Our four outcome-focused strategic priorities underpin our commitment to work ever more closely with our residents, our communities and our businesses – our people. We will put them at the heart of everything that we do.

Our strategic priorities are:

  • For Angus to be a go-to place for business.
  • To maximise inclusion and reduce inequalities.
  • For our communities to be strong, resilient and led by citizens.
  • For Angus Council to be efficient and effective.

Working alongside local, regional and national partners, we will seek out and seize new opportunities to improve the quality of life for all our citizens – in particular, our most vulnerable people and families. We will invest to achieve economic growth, while delivering efficiencies and reducing the environmental impact of our actions.

We will be effective and will listen to the needs of our customers, working for and with them to deliver better public value.

Our values

Our organisation’s values are important as they give a picture of how we undertake our work. Our values were identified through a variety of workshops, focused sessions, and surveys with our staff. This helped us understand the behaviours and attitudes necessary to deliver on our aspirations for and with the people of Angus.

Our activities identified the following clear themes: 

  • Continuing to care for our people (both citizens and colleagues).
  • Acknowledging our core role is to serve.
  • Working more collaboratively across the organisation and with partners to best serve our public.
  • Developing our culture of honesty and integrity to build trust.
  • Demonstrating and operating with respect for others.
  • Treating people fairly and with equity

These were consolidated into these values: 

  • Collaboration
  • Focus on People
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Integrity

The focus has now moved to embedding these values across the organisation in everything we do.  

Our values graphic

Our plans

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