Guidance for the re-use of public sector information

How to make a request for the re-use of information

Re-use means using the information for a purpose other than the purpose for which it was produced. This includes using the information for commercial purposes.

To be valid, a request must:

  • be in writing, which includes email
  • state your name and address
  • specify the document which you want to re-use
  • state the purpose for which the document is to be re-used

A request for access to information and re-use can be made at the same time.

Your request should be made by applying in writing to Head of Legal & Democratic Services, Place Directorate, Angus Council, Angus House, Orchardbank Business Park, Forfar DD8 1AN or by emailing

We will respond to requests within 20 working days unless there are exceptional circumstances. For example where a request is for a large number of documents or where it raises complex issues. If we require more information we will contact you.

If a request is received outside normal working hours it will be treated as having been received the next working day.

The council may decide to:

  • refuse the request
  • make the requested document available for re-use
  • impose conditions for the re-use, finalising the offer to you of the conditions on which re-use will be permitted

There are certain regulations that prevent re-use, where:

  • the content is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 or the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004
  • the document falls outside of the council's statutory functions
  • the document contains information in which intellectual property rights are owned by a third party. An example of this would be architectural drawings which have been commissioned by an architect who retains the copyright or information which has been obtained by the council under licence from a third party such as Royal Mail or Ordnance Survey.
  • the document does not exist

We can impose conditions on re-use. These conditions will not unnecessarily restrict the way in which a document can be reused or restrict competition.

We cannot discriminate between applicants who request the same information, nor can we grant you exclusive rights for re-use of the document unless the arrangement is in the public interest.

If exclusive rights are granted, the arrangement will be reviewed on a three year basis and details of the exclusive rights may be published online.

We may make a charge but we will advise you of this.

You can request the information to be in a particular format, but this must be stipulated in your request and there may be an additional charge.

It may not always be possible or practicable for the council to provide the information in your preferred format. The council has no obligation to put material into specific formats or languages and may make documents available as they exist when the request is received.

For a list of the main documents available for re-use please view our publication scheme