​​​​​​​Angus Social Enterprise Strategy 2019-2026

The local context

The Angus Community Planning Partnership vision is ‘Angus is a great place to live, work and visit.’ The work of social enterprise links with this, particularly in the following three priorities in the Angus Community Plan:

  1. Reducing Child Poverty
  2. Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing
  3. Improving accessibility and connectivity

The development of social enterprise underpins the commitment of the Tay Cities Deal to Inclusive Growth and work is ongoing to finalise the specifics of this work.

Care in the Tay Cities Region

This proposal seeks to address significant demographic and health care challenges by creating new employment opportunities and provide volunteering & learning and development opportunities which will increase the number of local people entering and sustaining a career in care, whilst also developing local social enterprise.

A collaborative approach will build on the experience and relationships existing with Third Sector interfaces (TSIs) throughout Tayside and Fife to form a new partnership between the voluntary sector, health and social care organisations and academic institutions. This project builds upon a current pilot project ‘Care About Angus’ a newly established social enterprise, which is seeing some emerging success in delivering a home help and warden service in Angus.

This proposal builds a new economic potential for learning and employability around the stated strategic ambitions of the Health Social Care Integration Partnerships across Tayside on reshaping care with a particular focus on increasing care at home and in the community through a mixed blend of preventative and co-productive services and timely hospital discharge. This will require a realignment of recruitment and learning approaches enhancing opportunities for local people, making access to working in the care sector easier, attractive and more rewarding.

Strategic Commissioning

A number of workshops have been held with key partners to determine how to work differently under contracting with the local authority and others. This work is ongoing and will provide opportunities for further social enterprises to deliver services in key areas.

Social Enterprise in Angus Census 2017

  • 109 social enterprises
  • 16 more social enterprises than in 2015
  • Over £12,000,000 trading income
  • Over £27,000,000 total income
  • Over 200 people employed
  • 48% based in rural areas
  • Average age of enterprises: 26 years
  • 87% are registered charities