​​​​​​​Angus Social Enterprise Strategy 2019-2026

Angus Social Enterprise Action Plan 2019- 22 (See appendix)

This will address how to increase the opportunities for social enterprise and the enterprising third sector to develop their business ideas in Angus in the next three years. There is an opportunity through the raised profile of social enterprise through the 10 Year Strategy and the Tay Cities Deal to improve support for the local enterprises in Angus.

In order for the full benefits of social enterprise development to be achieved in Angus the key factors will be:

  • Good networks of support, well-resourced to provide a local contact that can promote the model and the goods and services on offer.
  • An engaged public sector implementing the strategies that are in place
  • An integrated approach which makes the best use of resources from the third, public and private sectors and links to national strategies
  • Sufficient finance to provide support to the businesses, especially those led by new business leaders
  • Access to quality training for the employees
  • An ongoing development of the ideas using co-productive techniques and flexibility to respond to the challenges and the new opportunities.