​​​​​​​Angus Social Enterprise Strategy 2019-2026

Appendix three: First Year Action Plan Report (2018-19)

Angus SE Strategy



Who and what to deliver

Achieved by February



1. Raise Awareness

a) Hold an ACPP launch

event for the strategy

and the consultation on

the action plan.

b) Additional local

events held for partner

staff/interested parties.

c) Regional Social

Enterprise conference in







Invitations to ACPP partners,

councillors, social

enterprises and other third

sector organisations.

Raising understanding of

SE/exploring opportunities

for SE/action plan

Promotion to potential Angus



Promoted on social

media in May.

Generic presentation


ABC - Fed of village


ABC open event on

What is SE?

Promoted to local SE

through social media

and newsletter.


An awards ceremony

held February 2019.

Awareness is raised of the strategy and

the one year consultation programme.

MEASURE: Raised awareness among

non SEs of the sector through evaluation

and event uptake. Identify key messages

that need to be shared.

New enquires to start up SE.

2. Review the operating

SEs in Angus


VAA, ABC, Business

Gateway, AC.

Use the Census 2017 list to

carry out research on needs


20 returned. A big push

by end November to

get more completed.

An understanding of the existing SEs in


MEASURE: A report on the findings.

Note 1

3. Review the support

available and draw up a



VAA, ABC, Business

Gateway, Dundee & Angus

College, Angus Council

Departments, HSC

Partnership - Through joint

meetings and review


DSEN - Meeting of the

providers to agree the

final copy. A national

route map has also

been included.

Where best to site the

information and Route


Create a shared vision of the support

pathways and partners roles. Identify

any gaps in provision and partners that

are actively working together to fill these.

MEASURE: A support map for SEs in

Angus to show where to direct enquiries

from new starts to growing enterprises.

Completed See Note 2.

4. Create a list of

strategic opportunities

that should be



VAA, DSEN - to identify

business opportunities and

raise awareness of these.

Possible links to other

strategies such as

Community Empowerment,

HSC Integration, City Deal

bids, Employability and

Childcare provision.


DSEN - completed SE

in Tourism report for

Tay Cities Deal bid.

Identify key areas for support in

increasing trading and, therefore job

creation, for Angus SEs and new

partnerships to develop these.

MEASURE: A report on the opportunities

that are currently available.

Note 3

5. Create a training

needs report


ABC, VAA, Dundee & Angus

College - to carry out

training needs research

DSEN - the results

from the SE survey,

ABC and DSEN info.

Ensure that training is available to

develop a skilled and adaptable


MEASURE: Promote a training and

events programme for SEs.


Note 4

6. Offer direct support

that is available

currently to existing,



VAA, ABC, Business

Gateway, Just Enterprise

and Senscot to continue to

Angus SE Newsletter

circulated May 2018,

August 2018,

Provide support that is available for

finance, business development,

governance, evaluation of impact,

new and emerging

social enterprises



provide/promote ‘routine’


December 2018 and

February 2019.

Difficulty in getting

basic stats on the

numbers supported.

Ongoing to have a


Learning Exchange visits, marketing,

contract developments.

MEASURE: Number of attendees and

variety of support delivered/required.

Note 4

7. Networking and






Meet three/four times a year

to bring interested parties

together and draw up a three

year action plan.

Investigate the future

role/remit and membership of

the SEWG and its possible

role in monitoring and

reporting on the Strategy and

Action Plan.

Review the operation and

need for a social enterprise

network from the

engagement of local SEs


Event planned for 20th

February 2019 for all

SEs. Is this what you

want? What are the

opportunities? Support

structure and future of


Working group to work

on the report and draft

3 year action plan that

was submitted and

discussed at February

2019 SEWG meeting.

Create an understanding of the needs of

the sector to enable it to contribute to a

sustainable economy in Angus.


Local SEs determine what

representative structure they require.

MEASURE: A three year action plan

bringing together the shared learning

from year one. A final review of the

Strategy with amendments as required.

Clear governance arrangements for


The three year plan represents the


Note 5 - the way forward for a SEN and

Angus Social Economy Partnership

  • VAA - Voluntary Action Angus, ABC - Angus Business Connections, DSEN - Dundee Social Enterprise Network
  • Social Economy Working Group - consists of VAA, DSEN, Angus Council and others who are to be recruited for their knowledge and interest in the development of SE and willing to engage in delivery of support.

Social Enterprise Questionnaire

The questionnaire was sent out to the list of 109 Social Enterprises registered in Angus. There were 20 responses to the social enterprise questionnaire, all existing, new and upcoming Social Enterprise’s had the opportunity to participate. A summary of who responded and the responses are as follows:

  • The response and needs ranged from training and assisting with finding funding and larger premises, training needs were as follows good governance/board training, customer service and business planning.
  • 10 of the respondents were playgroups and out of school clubs which all had similar answers and needs. The other 10 were a complete mixed of organisations with a number of different needs.
  • From the responses it was clear that one of the main needs of these organisations is an opportunity to access more training. This was made evident and listed in the 3 year action plan.
  • From the responses there is a an opportunity to look at the SE’s interest to come together as an Angus wide forum or through locality links to share best practice and work more collaboratively.

As aforementioned, the response numbers were quite low in comparison to the number of organisations it was sent to, therefore it would be my recommendation to introduce the questionnaire again at the event giving organisations a clear briefing on the purpose, and either providing time at the end for them to fill it out or at least highlighting that we will be resending to ensure they are aware and look out for it. This should result in a larger return.

Note 2 Angus - Local Social Enterprise Business Support Route

Pre Start

  • Angus Business Connections
  • Business Gateway
  • Coca Cola 5x20 project
  • Just Enterprise
  • Social Firms Scotland
  • Voluntary Action Angus

  • Governance
  • Business Plans
  • Training Business
  • Planning/Marketing/IT
  • Legal Advice
  • Peer to Peer Support
  • Mentoring
  • Desk Space
  • Funding and Investment

Start up/Early Stage

  • Angus Business Connections
  • Business Angus
  • Business Gateway
  • First Port
  • Just Enterprise
  • Social Firms Scotland
  • Visit Scotland
  • Voluntary Action Angus

  • Social Media training
  • Bookkeeping
  • Legal Advice
  • Digital Marketing/Digital Boost
  • Peer to Peer Support
  • Mentoring
  • Community Asset Transfer
  • Social Impact Measuring

Existing Enterprise Development

  • Angus Tourism Co-operative
  • Business Gateway
  • Business Angus
  • COSS
  • First Port
  • Just Enterprise
  • Partnership 4 Procurement
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Visit Scotland

  • Finance/Loans
  • Market Development
  • Employer Advice
  • Supplier Development Programme
  • Export Help
  • Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • Public Social Partnerships

Business Networks

  • Angus Business Connections
  • Angus Tourism Co-operative
  • Community Resources Network Scotland
  • Development Trust Association Scotland
  • Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce
  • The Federation of Small Businesses
  • Tay Country (East of Scotland Tourism Partnership)

Note: National Organisations are identified on national support route map.



Opportunities that are currently available linking to local economy.


Who to link with




HSC Integration

Tay Cities Deal


Childcare provision


Grow Angus

Angus Council


Tay Cities Board




Angus Tourism Co-



CAT enquiries and Participatory


New services

Progress on bids

No of engagements

New services

No of SEs engaged

No of SEs in the group

This is still under review and will form part of the discussions and opportunities that will arise through the Transforming Services Events which fully involves all partners from Third Sector, Angus Council CPP and HSCP.

VAA will increase its strategic resources available to developing social enterprise in Angus. A new Strategic officer will be responsible for stimulating local develop through the Angus Social Economy Partnership, working collaboratively with partners and VAA Locality workers. This will help develop new organizations and approaches, whilst helping existing voluntary sector organizations to develop new market opportunities. The social enterprise innovation hub will increase opportunities for support to new enterprise initiatives. As part of our new digital capacity approached more support will be available on line. The Strategic officer will lead on VAA work and develop strong partnerships. This post will also help support VAA Locality workers as a first point of contact for early stage development.

Note 4 Existing support delivered

This has been recorded through the year. There is no standard recording system or sharing of this data.

Group/organisation Training courses Engagements
Tourism/ATC FAM and ATC awareness raising  
DSEN Making connections to realise opportunities (40 attendees) 4
ABC support provided/providers meeting marketing /collaboration 38
Just Enterprise What is SE? 5
Business Angus none specific 11
Business Gateway none specific 3 referrals to ABC
First Port Fine tune your SE - event in Dundee 5
Visit Scotland none specific  
VAA   25
COSS none specific 1
P4P introduction to procurement (8 attendees) 1
Scottish Enterprise

tourism masterclass (12 attendees)

innovation workshop - people, place and practice (11 attendees)


Identified Training Needs

From the above engagements and through the different organisations work, the following have been identified as the main areas of training needs.

Social media, Marketing, Networking, Tourism opportunities, Business planning, budgeting and cashflow, Developing new income streams, Digital tax and completing returns. Premises and leases, Legal structures for trading. Measuring social impact and writing case studies.

Strategic areas that enterprises would like to know more about are - Health and Social Care Integration, Tourism strategies (local and regional), Community Asset Transfer.

Note 5 - Feedback from the consultation event on 20th February 2019 Who should be on an Angus Social Economy Partnership?

Local Authority, Third Sector Interface, Health Board/HSCI/IJB, Support organisations (Community
Enterprise, First Port, Just Enterprise), SEN reps, Dundee and Angus College, local SE grass roots reps,
Business Angus.

  • Could be a good point of contact for grass roots and agencies.
  • Those on it to contribute to the delivery and respond to needs of SE in the area
  • Might have LA reps as needed such as Property, Law, Procurement, Economic Development, Elected Officials.
  • Bring in Education and private sector as well to realise the opportunities that are identified in the action plan.

What is the role for a SEN?

  • Set the direction of SE development in Angus
  • A network that meets and shares opportunities and challenges
  • Might employ a co-ordinator
  • Gives a voice locally that feeds into national. Shares national info to SE
  • Develops relationships with the other agencies and public sector. Promotes SE as a goods and service delivery option
  • Is an independent network
  • Can be big or small - whatever is needed locally

Resourcing a SEN

Peer support but also might be some funds available. Link into funds from TSI and LA. Part of the 92 point Scottish Government actions in the National Strategy offers commitment to support a SEN where needed/wanted.

Angus SEN - What would its role be?

Support the development of a network, Connecting SE to local policy at strategic level, SE’s being part of the decision.

Role of the Strategy Office at VAA

  • VAA role to support social enterprise in Angus and so will address this gap.
  • TSI role
  • Links to the Action plan - need to see how. Compliments the Angus action plan.
  • Might signpost SE to support
  • Could support the network along with other work
  • Work with the SEN in partnership - some TSIs work with their SENs in partnership and some are independent.

How to raise the profile and understanding of SE in Angus?

  • Raise awareness of the model across the public sector especially. Clear up misunderstandings.
  • Get better links and how to share case studies and best practice.