Digital Strategy

For a better, stronger, sustainable and smaller council.

Our priorities

  • Angus to be a 'go to' area for business
  • maximise inclusion and reduce inequalities
  • communities to be strong, resilient, and led by citizens
  • Angus Council to be efficient and effective

Our vision

Digital services so good, people prefer to use them

  • we will provide digital services which become the preferred channel of contact because they are well designed, accessible and easy to use for all
  • we will provide efficient and continuously improving digital services which support council priorities for citizens, businesses, students and staff allowing them to grow and prosper

We will achieve this vision by providing digital services which are:

Better – designed with and for the customer

We will make sure that our digital services are accessible and simple to use for everyone, not just people who are used to the internet.

We will measure customers’ experience of our digital services and use this to drive improvements.

Digital services will be available via mobile technologies where and when the customer requires.

Sustainable – enabling self-service

We will continue to increase the number of digital services.

New or changed services will be digital by design, co-designed with a range of customer groups and provide customers with convenient access.

We will improve our efficiency and simplify our processes, automating services wherever possible. Applying a consistent approach and reusing the same technologies will reduce costs of delivery,  help people to become familiar with our digital services and make it easier for them to self-serve.

Smaller – A digital-first approach

Digital will be the primary channel for providing information about council services and for simple, high volume transactions.

We will enable all services to be accessed, applied for or signposted through digital channels.

We will continue to offer other channels where appropriate, for example for complex services to meet differing personal circumstances.

Similarly, we will ensure there are sufficient safety nets and facilitated access to digital services for those customers who are less able to access digital services.

Transaction type Description

Requests, contacts, report it, book it, pay it






Fully automated


For customers who require assistance with standard automated transactions




Simple support required to fulfil / web chat support


Higher risk decision making


Require subject expertise





Customer Perspective

Better connected

We will invest in projects that increase the reach of high-speed connectivity in Angus.

We will deliver good connectivity to public buildings, schools and council locations.

We will enable the maximum advantage to the wider community from these investments, sharing with businesses and communities where possible.

We will develop our buildings to provide public access wifi.

Sustainable – value for money and getting it right first time

We will deliver efficient online services through My Account.

Our staff will be agile, taking advantage of technology to deliver services at a time and place which match customer needs.

We will explore emerging innovative and disruptive technologies to redesign smarter public services.

Smaller – exploiting collaborative opportunities

We will use technology to work with partners and neighbouring councils.

We will standardise on systems, share resources and coordinate actions more effectively than operating in isolation.

By having a cross-cutting view of how we support those most in need we will remove duplication and streamline case work.

Stronger - our digital strategy relies on the highest possible standards

Quality: We will ensure our digital services are high quality, meet customer needs and compare well to the best in the public and commercial sector.

Simplicity: We will ensure our services are simple to use. We will work on new ways to deliver joint services with partner organisations using technology to simplify services.

Security: We will take a robust approach to data security management to protect users, customers and partners from cyber threats. We will protect privacy through effective information management and ensure effective data sharing arrangements are in place.

Resilience: We will invest to ensure our citizens, businesses, students and staff have access to reliable and resilient online services and technology.

Accessible: We will ensure digital service design can benefit everyone and that accessibility is externally tested and measured.

Inclusive: We will start with customer need and ensure we have plans to support those who have difficulty in accessing digital services and need to access services quickly and conveniently.

Value for money: We will make sure digital changes deliver best value and save time and money for customers and the council by designing digital services around the customer. We will redesign and automate our internal processes and apply a 'buy once, use many times' approach to technology.

How we will measure progress

Better, sustainable, stronger smaller How we will achieve this Proposed measures
Better – digital services (internal and external) designed for the customer Implement a programme of redesigned digital automated processes. Initially high volume processes and those with many handoffs.

Reduction in cost per transaction

Increased customer satisfaction.

Sustainable – digital and technical capabilities enabling self-service Buy once, reuse many times technical capabilities to support a wide range of services to use digital channels.

Increased digital take-up across all services

Reduction in non-digital contact

Reduction in failure demand

Personalised customer portal that allows customers to complete and track service requests

Stronger and smaller – an accessible digital-first approach

For internal and external processes and services information and service access will be primarily through digital channels

Co-design services with users and undertake accessibility assessments throughout development and implementation

Implement initiatives to understand customer usage and encourage further channel shift

Implement digital Inclusion programme addressing skills, motivation, trust and assisted digital

Information on all services provided by the council is online and current

All high volume transaction can be initiated online, 80% can be fulfilled

Enhanced accessibility measured via Better Connected type service and user feedback

Year on year increase in self-service account

Webchat in use with targets to further develop changes

Digital exclusion tracked and reducing by targeted amount year on year

Better – connected

Accelerating cost effective internet access where affordable

Extending wireless coverage in community/ school locations

Expand availability of online services to mobile devices and smartphone

All council locations have fit for purpose internet with capacity for future growth

Reduced “not spots” in Angus

All applications enable data entry/retrieval at point of contact

Sustainable – value for money

Agile programme implemented and refreshed

Trusted, secure services developed cost-effectively in conjunction with Scottish Digital Service

Examine high payback disruptive technology projects

All staff have right technology and productivity suite for their role

Meet standards eg GDPR, PSN, Scottish Digital

Technology related breaches managed and low

Developed and implemented business cases with benefits realisation

Smaller – exploiting collaborative opportunities

Work towards Tayside Collaborative

Implement systems enabling collaboration

Work with partner organisations to provide support required for those who need it to access online services

Sharing resource targeted, monitored and measured eg software, bandwidth, staff, best practice

Efficient shared services enabled by technology

Exclusion tracked and reducing by targeted amount year on year