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Angus has 28 councillors. 

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Your councillor will discuss your concerns or problems relating to council services.

Councillors' roles

The key roles taken by councillors are:

  • executive decision-making
  • scrutiny: sitting on panels or committees which examine existing policies and service delivery
  • regulatory: for example dealing with planning and licensing applications
  • representative: representing residents and interest groups within their ward and dealing with issues that they raise

Councillors may also attend community council meetings and serve on local forums.

Other organisations

Councillors may also sit on the boards of other organisations such as:

  • collaborative bodies set up by a council to work with other public bodies
  • Arm's Length External Organisations (ALEOs)
  • statutory bodies such as Integration Joint Boards

Remuneration of Councillors

All councillors receive remuneration. Councillors who hold positions such as a provost, convener/vice convener of a committee receive a senior councillor allowance.

The details of the remuneration  for the term of this council are detailed in the minute of the Statutory meeting of Angus Council on 26 May 2022.

Councillors can join the Local Government Pension Scheme. They are also entitled to expenses incurred when undertaking council duties.

By law, all members of the council are required to complete an Acceptance of Office.