Political make up of the council

The composition of Angus Council is as follows:

SNP13 elected members
Independent6 elected members
Conservative and Unionist8 elected members
Labour1 elected member
Total28 elected members

An administration was formed at the statutory meeting of Angus Council on 26 May 2022.

The administration is made up of 13 SNP and two independent councillors.

The Leader of the Council is Cllr Beth Whiteside.


  • Chris Beattie
  • Julie Bell
  • Kenny Braes
  • Linda Clark
  • Serena Cowdy
  • Lynne Devine
  • Bill Duff
  • Brenda Durno
  • Mark McDonald
  • George Meechan
  • Lloyd Melville
  • Martin Shepherd
  • Beth Whiteside


  • Brian Boyd
  • Jill Scott
  • David Cheape
  • Ian McLaren
  • Lois Speed
  • Tommy Stewart

Conservative and Unionist

  • Jack Cruickshanks
  • Craig Fotheringham
  • Iain Gall
  • Ross Greig
  • Gavin Nicol
  • Louise Nicol
  • Ronnie Proctor
  • Derek Wann


  • Heather Doran