How we prepare and plan for emergencies

We are responsible for assessing, preparing and planning for responding to and recovering from a variety of emergencies.

We have plans in place to deal with specific identified risks as well as emergencies that may occur. Our Emergency Plan gives more information.

In the event of major incidents or emergencies the council can provide:

  • support and advice to people affected
  • shelter, food and basic personal items for those affected
  • facilities where advice and information can be obtained
  • facilities for friends and relatives of those affected
  • short term temporary accommodation for those made temporarily homeless
  • regular communication and updates on what is happening
  • work in support of the emergency services
  • traffic diversions
  • surveys of damaged buildings
  • advice on environmental and public health issues.

As part of the Tayside Local Resilience Partnership we work closely with neighbouring councils and the emergency services, the NHS, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Maritime & Coastguard Agency to prepare plans and develop emergency response procedures.

We also work closely with the Scottish Government, utilities including gas companies, telecommunications electrical, transport organisations, harbour and port authorities, Health & Safety Executive, voluntary sector such as the British Red Cross, WRVS, St Andrew's First Aid, and other similar groups willing to assist during an emergency situation or disruption within the community.

For information on how you can prepare your family or business for an emergency visit the Ready Scotland website.

Information is also available from the following links: