Arrange a Royal message

Arrangements can be made for a Royal message from Her Majesty The Queen to mark:

  • 100th birthdays
  • 105th birthdays and annually thereafter
  • Diamond Wedding anniversaries
  • 65th anniversaries
  • 70th anniversaries and annually thereafter

Messages are not available for Golden Weddings.

To arrange please complete our application form for a message from Her Majesty The Queen.

Proof of anniversaries will be required. For birthdays a birth certificate may be necessary.

As The Queen’s representative, the Lord-Lieutenant of Angus will be informed and the Lord-Lieutenant (or a Deputy Lieutenant) will deliver The Queen’s message along with a representative from Royal Mail.

The Provost of Angus will normally also attend or be suitably represented.

The local MP, MSP and councillors will also be informed.

We will liaise with the person who has made the application over the arrangements.

We will not contact the recipients directly.