Protocol to be followed at civic engagements

Please complete this speech template if you are inviting the Provost to an engagement.

The following points of protocol are designed as a guide for anyone inviting the Provost to an engagement.

  1. Part of the Angus Provost’s role is to have a high profile at local, civic and community events. We welcome invitations to attend such events.
    Please note the Provost has a very busy schedule.  While he is keen to attend as many events as possible, please understand that sometimes he may be unable to attend. If this is the case, every effort will be made for the Depute Provost to attend.
    If neither the Provost nor the Depute Provost can attend, we will endeavour to find someone suitable to attend the event.
  2. Please ensure that when the Provost arrives, he is met by an official of the organisation holding the function.  He should be introduced to the President, Chair or whoever acts as host, unless he is being introduced to the assembled company immediately.
  3. The Provost should be supplied with background information about the event and about the host organisation, including an itinerary for the visit, at least two weeks in advance.
  4. Where the Provost has been asked to make a speech, please ensure that the speech template is completed and returned to the Provost’s Office at least two weeks in advance. Please include as much information as possible, as this will help outline the speech and any press release to be issued by the Council’s Communications Team, where relevant.
  5. When greeting the Provost, the formal verbal address to be used is Provost Proctor.
  6. Please ensure the Provost is introduced to other guests and is not left on his own for the duration of the visit.
  7. Please ensure that appropriate seating is reserved for the Provost.
  8. The Provost’s position is non-political and does not give prominence to any one political party.  His position should be respected as such, with no attempts made to lobby the Provost or discuss political topics during functions.  Please refer any issues of concern to the Council or your ward councillors.
  9. A parking space should be allocated for the Provost’s vehicle ahead of his arrival at the venue.
  10. The Provost has no special dietary requirements

Further information is available from either:

Roz Brown
Executive Support Officer (Members' Services)
01307 494245


John Davie
Council Officer
01307 491907