Arbroath (Brothock Water) Flood Protection Scheme

End date
1 July 2016

Areas of Arbroath are currently at a significant risk of river flooding from the Brothock Water, which has burst its banks in the past. The Arbroath Flood Protection Scheme is being advanced to reduce river flood risk. This reduction in flood risk will have a positive benefit to economic damages, the health and wellbeing of the community and socially vulnerable people located within the flood protection scheme area.

A series of measures which have the potential to reduce flood risk in Arbroath have been identified. The proposals include improvements to existing flood defences in the lower reaches of the river and several flood storage areas further upstream. These storage areas will be designed to hold back flood water and release it at a controlled rate after the storm has passed.


Mark Davidson


Tel: 01307 473329

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Results and progress

A report on the results will be available in due course. If you have any queries, please contact Mark Davidson (details above).