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Angus Gaelic Plan 2014 - English version pdf 300 KB
Angus Gaelic Plan 2014 - Gaelic version pdf 257.22 KB
Angus Economic Strategy Action Plan 2014-2015 pdf 263.1 KB
Community Safety and Antisocial Behaviour Strategy 2017-20 pdf 1016.34 KB
Angus Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP) 1st edition pdf 1.71 MB
Angus Local Climate Impacts Profile (LCLIP) 2nd edition pdf 706.03 KB
Statutory Biodiversity Duty ‒ Report on Delivery pdf 1020.38 KB
Records Management Policy pdf 94.41 KB
Angus Economic Development Strategy 2013-2020 pdf 4.41 MB
Angus Council Emergency Plan pdf 6.79 MB
Your guide to safe and legal events pdf 1.4 MB
Policy on Financial Harm pdf 137.66 KB
Angus Integration Joint Board 2015/16 Accounts (unaudited) pdf 370.26 KB
Health and Social Care Partnership Strategic Plan 2016-19 pdf 1.54 MB
Council Plan 2014-17 pdf 210.82 KB
Local Code of Corporate Governance pdf 152.15 KB
Angus Autism Strategy pdf 2.3 MB
Angus Community Learning and Development Plan 2015-2018 pdf 436.62 KB
Child Protection Guidelines and Procedures pdf 606.3 KB
The Use of Electronic Communications, Social Media and Mobile Technologies - policy guidelines pdf 259.17 KB
Angus Carers Strategy 2013-2016 pdf 1.04 MB
Social Work and Health Communications Strategy Revised July 2009 pdf 108.91 KB
Dyslexia: Staged Assessment and Intervention Procedures pdf 479.66 KB
Engagement Strategy 2015 - People Directorate pdf 236.38 KB
A Road Safety Action Plan for Angus pdf 2.12 MB
Air Quality 2016 Progress Report pdf 3.2 MB
Angus Countryside Access Strategy 2007-2012 pdf 131.97 KB
Angus Statutory Biodiversity Duty Report 2012-2014 pdf 551.54 KB
Angus Woodland and Forestry Framework pdf 4.93 MB
Annual Accounts 2013-2014 pdf 4.6 MB
Annual Accounts 2014-15 pdf 1.26 MB
Annual Accounts 2015-2016 pdf 2.05 MB
Annual Accounts 2012-2013 pdf 1.04 MB
Budget Guide 2015-16 pdf 774.75 KB
Budget Guide 2016-17 pdf 911.71 KB
Budget Volume 2017-18 pdf 1.57 MB
Conditions of Purchase pdf 37.55 KB
Equalities Outcomes Report pdf 709.56 KB
Final Revenue Budget Volume 2015-16 pdf 2.5 MB
Final Revenue Budget Volume 2016-17 pdf 2.01 MB
Financial Inclusion Strategy pdf 343.78 KB
Financial Regulations pdf 1.55 MB
Housing News Annual Customer Report card 2015 pdf 195.76 KB
List of council land and property pdf 448.53 KB
Local Climate Impacts Profile 1st edition pdf 1.71 MB
Local Climate Impacts Profile 2nd edition pdf 706.04 KB
Local Housing Strategy 2012-17 pdf 926.7 KB
Local Transport Strategy pdf 419.51 KB
Natural Angus pdf 1.85 MB
Policy Statement CCs and LAPs pdf 31.2 KB
Single Equality Scheme pdf 78.66 KB
Standing Orders pdf 544.87 KB
Tayside Joint Public Health Protection Plan pdf 188.73 KB
Scheme of assistance pdf 495.35 KB
Angus Adult Mental Health Strategy 2014 - 2019 pdf 663.58 KB
Budget Guide 2017-18 pdf 267.41 KB
Final revenue budget volume 2017-18 pdf 1006.1 KB
Tay Estuary and Montrose Basin Local Flood Risk Management Plan pdf 8.26 MB
Annual Accounts 2011-12 pdf 6.6 MB
Angus Statutory Biodiversity Duty Report 2017 pdf 781.42 KB