Food premises registration

Food business establishments in which food is handled must be registered.

If you are a childminder on the framework for providers of funded early learning and childcare in Angus then you are required to provide meals for funded children and will need to register as a food business.

No fees


As a food business operator you are required to register with Angus Council 28 days before starting your new business.

Application form

Application for the Registration of a Food Business Establishment


Childminders working from home also need to register using our online form:

Childminders operating from domestic premises: Food Business Registration

If you are a childminder and provide no more than the following levels of food service as part of your normal business, you are not required to register:

  • provision of mains drinking water
  • provision of crockery and cutlery for use by children to eat their own packed lunches
  • provision of chilled storage for packed lunches that belong to the children
  • occasional assistance to children with cutting up their own food in response to individual need rather than an established service
  • occasional provision of food that is not part of the normal service such as a cake to celebrate a child's birthday or provision of food where a parent/guardian has been delayed
  • operating in the child's own home and serving food that belongs to the child's parent/guardian