Performing animals registration


Apply for registration if you want to exhibit, use or train performing animals. You need to register if you keep or train animals for public performance – for example, in a circus, television or film production, or a theatre performance.


We ask you submit at least six weeks in advance of requiring the licence.

However, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible as you will require to display a notice at the premises you plan to operate from for a period of 28 days.

That 28-day period is a consultation period where we will consult with relevant departments and external agencies to ensure you are a fit and proper person to hold this licence. This also provides the opportunity for public objections. If no objections are received, we will be able to grant your licence under delegated authority. If objections are received, we will get in touch to infirm you of the next steps.

Licence period

Your licence will last for one year and then must be renewed. You will not be issued any reminders of the licence expiry date and it is your responsibility to ensure you renew on time.


There are exemptions for training of animals for bona fide military, police, agricultural or sporting purposes, or the exhibition of any animals so trained


If you have any enquiries please email


£97 – payable on original application and each renewal thereafter. If your application is refused or you opt to withdraw part way through the process or surrender your licence before it expires, the fee is non-refundable.