Petroleum storage

The storage of petrol and petrol based substances is strictly controlled for safety reasons. A licence from the council is usually required for storage of petrol.

Retail petrol stations are regularly inspected for compliance with the licence conditions and the relevant codes of practice that are applicable.

Private storage by members of the public is limited to small quantities. A person can normally keep up to a maximum of two containers of petroleum of five litres capacity in approved plastic containers or two containers of ten litres in securely closed metal containers. The containers must be marked appropriately.

Charges from 3 April 2018:

  • storage of up to 2500 litres £44
  • 2500 to 50000 litres  £60
  • more than 50,000 litres  – £125
  • transfer of licence free
Licence period
1 year

Contact Trading Standards for details.