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Foster a child

Why foster with us?

Our carers tell us the thing they value most is our 24-hour support. We are there for you whenever you need us.


You will be allocated a supervising social worker, whose job is to support you and make sure you have everything you need to give the children in your care a positive experience. You will be invited to attend additional support groups throughout Angus to build a support network, as it helps the child stay connected to their local community.

Your supervising social worker will meet with you regularly to offer advice, guidance and support regarding all aspects of fostering. You'll also have peace of mind with our 'out of hours' team in case of any emergencies.


Our training covers a wide range of topics, taking advantage of the latest developments, from attachment to trauma. Training is regular and ongoing throughout your journey as a foster carer.

We place Angus children with local families

We think it's really important that Angus children be placed with local families. It's good for them, and it's good for their carers.

Fees and allowances

Along with the fostering fee, you will also receive our weekly allowance for every child in your care. The amount you receive depends on the age of the child and is for you to support the child throughout their placement with you. 

There are three levels of fostering fee and these depend on the combination of training and experience you can offer. There is an opportunity to develop a career in fostering with Angus Council.

Short breaks foster carer 

Because we know that sometimes you might need a break.