Fire safety advice

All our houses have a smoke detector installed. You are responsible for checking the smoke alarm regularly.

If you have any problems with your alarm contact us using our online form.

Fire safety in our common close flats

Fire Safety is everyone’s responsibility. These simple measures can keep you and your family safe in the event of a fire:

  • check your smoke/fire alarms regularly. Report any problems to us
  • don't leave combustible materials lying around in the common close
  • don't leave rubbish or furniture under stairwells, in drying rooms or common areas
  • don't use the common close as a storage facility. Doing so could block someone's escape route in the event of a fire
  • if you find any materials lying around your close, contact us. We can speak with the tenant involved and remove the materials before they become a hazard. As a responsible landlord we need to make sure nothing is left in the common areas that could harm to other tenants and residents
  • our common closes have fire-resisting secure doors. Do not wedge these open. These doors stop unauthorised people entering your close. Keeping them open could put you and your family at risk from fires
  • always park in designated parking areas. This will allow emergency vehicles access in the event of a fire or other emergency

For more advice see the Scottish Fire and Rescue website.

You can also contact the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to arrange a Home Fire Safety visit.

If you have any concerns about your block, contact your local housing officer. They will help in any way they can.

What we will do

  • carry out monthly visits to our common close blocks to ensure they are clean, tidy and free from hazards
  • during these visits we' ll also check that secure door systems are working and maintained
  • work with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to prevent fire by taking their help and advice
  • ensure all fire escape routes are kept clear
  • work with tenants who put others at risk by leaving combustible materials or rubbish in the common areas. If these tenants don’t engage with us, we will use the law to deal with them and protect other tenants and residents

For more information and advice on how you can keep your home safe from fire visit the Scottish Fire and Rescue website.