Find and apply for a home

What happens next

We’ll get back to you within 28 days to let you know where you are on this list. We may also offer you a housing options appointment.

You will get up to two offers of housing but if you refuse those offers, we will consider suspending your application. This means that your application stays on the housing list, but you won’t get another offer.

We may suspend your application for three months.

Every offer we make will be a reasonable offer. This means that the property we offered you -

  • had all the bedrooms you need as defined by this policy; and
  • met all the recommendations our housing options team made after an assessment of your needs

Wherever possible, we will offer you the type of housing you’d like but we can’t always do this because we don’t always have enough of the type of properties people would like to live in.

Houses for immediate let

You may also be interested in houses for immediate let. These are homes which have been refused three times.

    These properties and details of how to apply for them appear on our houses for immediate let page.