Find a home with Angus HomeFinder

Angus HomeFinder offers choice-based lettings for properties from:

  • Angus Council
  • Blackwood Homes
  • Caledonia Housing Association
  • Hillcrest Homes

You must register before bidding for properties. Details of how to register are on the Angus HomeFinder website.

Visit Angus HomeFinder

Existing applicants have already been registered and sent login instructions by letter.

If you have nowhere to stay tonight

You can get help, either by contacting your local library or completing our online housing enquiry form during office hours.

If you need immediate help please call our contact centre on 03452 777 778 to be connected to the out of hours officer.

Help for housing applicants

There are several ways to get help with Angus HomeFinder.

Friends and family

You can nominate a friend or family member to deal with your application or place bids on your behalf. 

You will be asked if you want to nominate someone to deal with your application when you complete the application.

Make sure you have their permission before you nominate them.


If you cannot go online at home, you can use a PC in one of our libraries.

Library staff can help with your application. They can also help with:

  • change of circumstances/application reviews

  • scanning or uploading documents

  • explaining how the bidding process works

  • logging in to your account / resetting account passwords


If these options are unsuitable, call our contact centre on 03452 777 778 and ask for the Angus HomeFinder Team. We will help you apply for a home and if needed provide a paper application for you to complete.


If you have difficulty bidding on properties online we can set the system up to automatically place bids on your behalf. This is called Autobid.

To learn more about Autobid, call our contact centre on 03452 777 778 and ask for your Housing Officer or the Angus HomeFinder Team.