Paying your rent

Recovering rent arrears

We will carry out four stages to recover rent we are owed:

1 Reminder letters

If you fall behind with your rent, you will receive a first reminder letter.

At this stage you will have one week to pay in full or contact us to make a payment arrangement.

2 Notice of Proceedings

If you do not contact us you will receive a Notice of Proceedings.

This is a legal document giving you 28 days’ notice of our intention to start legal action to recover any money we are owed.

Contacting us is now a priority. Further action can result in you having to pay court costs.

3 Court action

You will receive a summons to appear in court. The summons will detail how much rent is due and give the date on which you need to appear.

You will now be responsible for any legal expenses due.

If you still fail to control your arrears, as a last resort, we will request the sheriff grant a decree for eviction.

4 Eviction

If the Sheriff grants a decree for eviction, our policy is to carry out the eviction unless all the rent we are owed is paid.