Housing repairs and maintenance

We offer a full repairs service including the Right to Repair.

Emergency repairs

Report emergency repairs to ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778.

When you report a repair, we will still ask you the following questions to help us determine how best to protect against the spread of the virus:

  • Do you currently have any symptoms of coronavirus? (new cough, high temperature, loss of smell or taste)
  • Has anyone you work or socialise with closely had coronavirus within the last 14 days?
  • Are you in a vulnerable or shielding group as identified in government guidance?

We will then:

  1. Assess the repair required and process it in the normal way.
  2. Please be advised that contractors will continue to wear appropriate personal protective equipment while in your property.


If your emergency repairs are about gas central heating call WRB Gas on 01382 20 40 30.

Non-emergency repairs

Report non-emergency repairs by phoning ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778.

There may be some delays for non-emergency repairs you report as your area contractor works through the backlog of repairs received since mid-December 2021.

Services maintenance

We are required by law to carry out annual servicing of gas heating systems, electrical testing and upgrades to LD2 Smoke alarm systems. As a tenant you must provide access to your property for these.

Aids and adaptations

A case-by-case assessment may be required with an individual’s support team.

Planned Works

All planned works which have contractors appointed will return to full service. This includes:

  • external wall insulation
  • external repaints
  • windows replacements
  • any internal energy efficiency works (including underfloor insulation, loft insulation and Internal Wall Insulation)
  • electric heating upgrades

We will continue to review these arrangements to comply with any future amendments to Scottish Government COVID-19 Guidance.

Familiarise yourself with the current guidance so that you are clear as to what is expected of you before any contractor comes to your home.

The repairs process

The following two sections outline the repairs process and  responsibilities relating to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions:

The repairs team are mindful that they work in people’s homes, and will always show due respect to customers, their privacy, their belongings and their homes. The team will provide an understanding and friendly approach.

Initial contact with your repairs team

After you have reported your repair online or through ACCESSLine your repairs team will contact you to arrange a suitable time and date to carry out the repair. This will include early evening (up to 7pm Monday to Thursday) and weekend (Saturday morning) appointments.  

When booking an appointment, your repairs team will verify whether there are any particular vulnerable characteristics and any specific requirements that need to be made to ensure the works can commence safely and with minimal disruption to you and your family. The Repairs Team will ensure that they communicate with you carefully and considerately, using an intermediary/3rd party if necessary.

Your repairs team will also contact you approximately 24 hours before to confirm the appointment.

Should you no longer require the repair please cancel your appointment at the earliest opportunity by phone.  

In addition to carrying out the repair a key area of focus is the protection and security of your home during the works.

Arriving at your home the repairs team will:

  • show ID badge
  • introduce themselves to you
  • carry out covid19 check with household (shielding members, isolating members and so on)
  • ensure they have the correct PPE in place
  • provide a clear and concise explanation of the works.

Once inside the home, the repairs team will:

  • risk assess the work area, with specific regard to the work in-hand, e.g. possible presence of asbestos, pipe-runs, electrical wires, sufficient workspace to carry out the work safely
  • record information relating to works to be carried out
  • advise you whether the repair can be carried out from stock held in the van immediately
  • if this is not possible advise you of appropriate timescales
  • if necessary, the Repairs Team will put in place arrangements for access to and from your home; using physical barriers /signage
  • use the appropriate equipment to protect customers’ homes from any disruption caused by the work, such as dust sheets, floor protection, spot cloths to prevent damage to carpets
  • maintain access by ensuring that corridors, staircases, lifts, refuse facilities, and they do not obstruct welfare facilities during the works
  • ensure that your home is not left unattended or unsecured during works
  • carry out the repair
  • remove any barriers, waste, protection and signage
  • ensure all facilities are reconnected (where applicable) and access throughout the home is clear and provide a suitable alternative where this is not possible
  • confirm the repair status with you e.g. confirmation that the repair is complete or if a second visit is required
  • arrange any further appointments whilst in your home
  • record works completed prior to departure

Throughout all contact the repairs team will:

  • keep all your details private and secure to meet data protection requirements
  • ensure that all staff have had Customer Care Training to support call handling and procedures on site
  • record any additional issues found on site whilst carrying out the repair.
  • attempt to diffuse any situation that occurs whilst carrying out works in homes. However, should an incident escalate in to threatening and violent behaviour the operative will remove themselves from site without completing the repair. This will be recorded and reported to the housing service and or the appropriate authorities

What we expect from you:

In order to reduce risks to yourself, contractors and anyone else in your home we ask in advance of the repairs visit that you take note of the questions and requirements below. If for any reason you cannot comply, please contact your Housing Officer as far in advance of the scheduled appointment as possible to discuss.

  • is anyone within the property/household ‘Shielding’ either through receiving a letter to confirm this or by your own decision?
  • is anyone in the property/household in the high or extremely high risk categories from Covid-19(see below)?
  • has anyone in the property/household had any symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 14 days as detailed below:
    • high temperature or fever
    • a new continuous cough
    • loss of sense of smell or taste

If the answer to any of the above is YES, please contact us immediately on ACCESSLine 03452 777 778.

If you are unclear on any of the above and need up to date guidance please visit NHS Inform.

If the answer to all the above questions is NO and both parties have agreed to the repair being carried out, we ask you to note and agree the following in advance of our visit:

  1. Prior to the contractor’s arrival at your property please open all doors allowing full access to the relevant areas in a ‘touch free’ manner where possible.
  2. Windows should be open for ventilation.
  3. The area should be clean and free of obstacles.
  4. Where possible, other occupants of the property should remain in a separate room/s in the house to reduce likelihood of any contact for the duration of the repair.
  5. All occupants must follow the strict 2m social distancing requirements. If this is not possible please discuss this with your housing officer in advance of their visit so they can plan accordingly.

If you don’t follow the above requirements, the contractor may stop work and leave your home to protect their safety.

Please note that the requirements apply to all persons within a property/household or anyone representing them such as a carer.

Should anything change between agreeing to carry out the repair and the appointment date you MUST contact your housing officer to discuss.

What you can expect from the contractor:

To protect everyone involved the contractor has agreed to the following safe working practice:

  • they will ask if you or anyone in your household is self-isolating, shielding or has symptoms before coming into your home
  • they will provide you with an appointment time and, if you have requested, call 30 minutes before the appointment to allow you to prepare.
  • they will clean all equipment and wash/sterilise hands prior to entering your home.
  • they will wear all necessary PPE deemed appropriate for the specific repair and will explain why they are wearing these if queried.
  • they will not come within 2m of anyone within your home unless this is unavoidable, and the required PPE is utilised
  • they will not have anyone in the risk categories above or who is displaying any COVID-19 symptoms
  • they will not have anyone who has a member of their household displaying COVID-19 symptoms

Should you be concerned that the contractor is not adhering properly to the above working practice please contact your housing officer immediately and ask the contractor to leave your home.

New build properties

New build projects on site continue under Scottish Government guidelines.

Sheltered housing

Fire Alarm Servicing is a requirement, and this work will go ahead where tenants have been notified and are comfortable with contractors working in their home.

Communal Areas: there are some planned works to carry out improvements to some lifts which includes a temporary stairlift installation. This work will go ahead, and we would ask that you use social distancing in the areas of this work.