Request a council house repair

To request a council house repair:

Please note that outside office hours, we will only deal with emergency repairs such as:

  • burst pipes
  • broken windows
  • no cold water supply
  • no electrical supply
  • blocked toilet

Domestic gas repairs

For gas central heating, fires and water heaters installed by the council, you should report repairs directly to our contractor WRB Gas on 01382 204030.

If an appliance breaks down and you have no other means of heating or hot water, then the contractor will normally attend the same day for repairs reported before 7pm. Calls made to the contractor after 7pm will be dealt with the next morning.

Gas leaks

If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety call the National Gas Emergency Number on 0800 111 999.

CO (carbon monoxide) detectors

If your CO detector is sounding, call SGN on 0800 111 999.

You must:

  • let us know if you cannot keep the appointment so it can be rescheduled
  • give our contractors access to the property
  • do what you can to avoid potential damage to your property or a neighbouring one such as using a container to catch dripping water

If you are not happy with the standard of repair or the behaviour of the contractor, please let us know.

Rechargeable repairs

If you, your family, or anyone visiting your property causes damage, or if you leave your property in disrepair, you will be recharged for the cost of the work.

As part of your tenancy we carry out certain repairs in your home but others are your responsibility. You may be able to claim for accidental damage through your household insurance. The list below tells you which repairs are the responsibility of the council and which are your responsibility.

Item Us You Exceptions
Any alteration or improvement you have carried out to the property   Exceptions where the council has adopted the works
Damage caused by you, a member of your family or visitor (including accidental damage)    
Back boilers    
Banisters (inside)   Rechargeable if damaged by tenant or family
Baths   Rechargeable if damaged by tenant or family
Bins (wheeled)   Except where damaged by tenant or family
Bin shelters    
Blinds, fittings and cords    
Carbon monoxide detectors    
Ceilings   Excluding decoration
Central heating pipes, radiators, timers and thermostats    
Chimneys (including pots and covers)    
Chimney sweeping   Except enclosed fires (stove type)
Choked wastes to baths, basins, sinks, toilets or showers   Rechargeable if blockage caused by misuse
Cleaning communal stairwells    
Clothes poles and rotary driers (including shared areas)   Except where damaged by tenant or family
Coal bunkers   Except where supplied by tenant
Cupboards   Except where supplied by tenant
Damp proof course    
Decoration (wallpaper and internal painting)    
Decoration (painting external and shared areas)   Only carried out as part of planned maintenance programme
Door bells, door chains, spyholes and nameplates    
Door entry systems    
Door frames, fittings and ironmongery   Except where fitted by tenant
Door adjustments - to fit floor coverings    
Doors (external only) - draught excluders and draught strips    
Downpipes (soil or rainwater)    
Drainage   Rechargeable if blockage caused by misuse
Driveways   Unless provided by the council
Drying areas (communal)    
Electric heating and feature fires   Except where installed by tenant
Electrical appliance plugs and fuses    
Electric switches and sockets (including TV aerial outlets)   Rechargeable if due to unauthorised installation
Electric wiring and circuits (including the fuse box and meter box but not the meter)   Rechargeable if due to unauthorised installation
Electric meters   It is the tenant's responsibility to notify their own electricity supplier
Keys lost or stolen (included associated lock changes)    
Kitchen appliances   Unless under council ownership
Kitchen units, worktops and fittings   Except where provided by tenant. Rechargeable if damaged by tenant or family
Kitchen sinks, bowls and drainers   Except where provided by tenant. Rechargeable if damaged by tenant or family
Light bulbs (including fluorescent tubes and starters)   Except in shared areas
Light pendants (including fluorescent fittings)   Except where tenant's own fittings
Light fittings (external) to front and back of property   Except where fitted by tenant
Locks and ironmongery   Rechargeable if damaged by tenant or family
Overflow pipes    
Parking areas (shared)    
Pest control   Except in exceptional circumstances
Plaster cracks (minor)    
Plaster   Except minor decorative plaster cracks
Plugs and chains for sinks, basins or baths    
Radiators   Except where provided by tenant and unauthorised installations
Roof lights (skylights)    
Ropes for windows (sash cord)    

Emergency repairs

We will send a contractor out within two hours for emergency repairs. Our contractors can call at your property at any time within that slot, so please ensure someone is at home.

Our priority is to make your home safe. In some cases, particularly outside normal working hours, the contractor will carry out essential work and return at a later date to carry out permanent repairs.

Other repairs

We will respond within two working days for urgent repairs such as:

  • roof leaks
  • sink leaks
  • toilets
  • no hot water
  • partial loss of heating

We will respond in 10 working days for routine repairs such as:

  • plaster repairs
  • general woodwork repairs
  • minor plumbing repairs

We will respond within 20 working days for non-routine repairs such as:

  • repairs to gutters
  • garage roofs or walls

We will respond within three months to complex repairs such as:

  • external works to communal blocks
  • asbestos removal.

We may need to carry out an inspection to decide exactly what work is needed and this may affect the waiting times.

If access is needed to your property to carry out the repair, the contractor should call you to arrange a suitable am/pm appointment.

Under the right to repair scheme, you may be paid compensation if we don’t meet specified timescales.